Our rates


Marketing strategy & media planning

Creating the sales brochure

Buyers selection

Monitoring of legal formalities

How much will I pay?

Count on CHF 5‘000 for a small single room studio up to CHF 100‘000 for a waterfront mansion house. We usually apply the USPI recommended prices.

Who will pay for advertising expenses?

These expenses are fully paid by our agency. No extra is charged.

What kind of contract do we offer?

A 3 month renewable contract is our standard.

What will I pay if I found the client?

No fees will be charged. Hence you feel comfortable giving us a mandate even though you expect to find the purchaser by your own means.

Other services

Real estate valuation in Western Switzerland

Monitoring of real estate program : we can monitor architects, search of investors and execution.

Advices in order to improve the value of your property